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Our company has made and tested products basing on research projecs and technological transmission for manufacturing enterprises. The making and testing has the assistance from companies and special workshops.


Making and Experimental Field

  • Researching, making automatic machinary equipments, control system serving some electric systems on the ships, equipment electric system to grind constructive stone, industrial field which manufacture electric fans, electric motors, transformers…
  • Researching, designing and making equipments using solar energy, windy energy serve for daily activities and industry.
Making rotating spray nozzle for Ferry
Making hydraulic- electric steering gear
Making control panel and electrical equipments on the ships
  • Automatic machine programming wire twine used for desk-fan and small motor
  • Automatic machine programming wire twine directly on ceiling fan’s stator
  • Automatic machine programming wire twine annular transformer’s stypes
  • Automatic machine programming wire twine motor stypes: 0.4 ¸ 75 Kw
  • Automatic machine programming wire twine transformer stypes: 1¸ 6 twine axis
  • Multi –function testing machine using for electric fan and small motors
  • Wire’s block gel machine of electric fan and small motor stator
  • Electric system for constructive stone grinding machine
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