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Repairing ship

1. Electricity and Automatic Control

  • Automatic Control and Protecting Systems: Diesel Engine, Generator, Boiler
  • Control Systems on Ship: Windlass, Propeller..
  • Navigation Systems: Rada, echo-sounder, JPS,…
  • Indicator and alarm systems: sensor temperature, pressure and speed.
  • Living Service Systems: distilling Fresh Water, Air conditioning…
  • Lighting Systems: navigater light, lights in the engine room, dèn sinh hoat…
  • Maintenance and Repairing all kinds of Motors and Generators

2. Shell

  • Cleaning the surface of shell and painting.
  • Cleaning engine room, Cargo hold: Oil tanker, Bulk carrier
  • Design inspection and Installation: replacing, modifying the Shell, cargo hold

3. Refrigerating System : Design, replace , maintenance and repair the whole Air- conditioner system and refrigerating provision

Supplying material for Ships

  • Cable and equipment tool using for base crane, ship crane and container crane
  • Automatic equipment control centre serving for the ships
  • Mechanical equipment tool specializes for the ships: relay, rope...
  • Cable, Circle braker, lights…
  • Motors, generators
  • Navigation systems

Inspection and Repairing Container

  • Consulting, repairing and PTI refrigerating container
  • Designing, carrying out refrigerating systems on the ships, industrial projects
  • Supplying and Exchanging equipments and material in the refrigerating technical fields such as CARRIER, MITSUBISHI, DAKIN Maker

Designing, manufacturing automatic equipments serving for the ships

Our company supplies multi- function control: analog, digital, complying with SOLAS 74 Standrad, and guarantee high accuracy and confidence.

Please contact us

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Tel : (08) 811 7485 - 826 6411 - 826 6410
Fax : (08) 826 6410
Email : bisco@hcm.vnn.vn